"You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me." Morpheus - Matrix

Jason Estes Update - Working with Forgiveness - 30.06.2022


We are now deep into the raising of our sensitivity bodies can have a pretty hard time with processing more data and backlogging less so remember be gentle with yourself as you learn and also be gentle with others as they learn, this journey is an infinite one and there is always room for improvement but there is also always room for celebration so take the time to be grateful for what you have and also find the weak points for improvement not just one or the other :hugs::

working with forgiveness can be a huge gift in these crazy times, for me i use this process by choosing a person place or thing and then bring them through each sentence usually by the end i feel an immense shift in the way i connect to the person place or thing, feel free to give it a try and let me know how it goes ❤ ::hugs::

Benjamin Fulford Weekly (Full) Report - 27.06.2022

Angela Hitler gathers lieutenants in Germany to mourn loss of Fourth Reich

You can read the full report here:


Amanda Lorence Update - Sun´s pulse - 28.06.2022


In relation to the WAYSHOWERS POST of 2 days ago, I feel the SHIFT I spoke about has now occurred. To be precise, yesterday EVENING on 27 June 2022. BUT yesterday, all day long prior to the Sun’s PULSE plus it’s Rose + Gold SPIN, there was ANOTHER NEW LAYER of ENERGY that I felt all day long. This layer is a higher OCTAVE above the patterned vibrations and pulses and beyond sound. It’s difficult to describe as it’s invisible to the eye. And it IS, EVERYWHERE in all space of the COLLECTIVE FIELD. This NEW presence of a NEW ENERGY LAYER is here to merge INTO at WILL, to expand yourself more and more. But even without intention it is here and present FOR ALL, just that it has less effect on a person without their intention, their will, their alignment to it, to merge WITH it. It’s a massive FIELD of ENERGY potential. And it’s here! HUGE.
In my own personal perspective, this is/was not the Event Wave. But a significant SHIFT. To be with, and let it unfold for you. It’s massive.

All my Love
28 June 2022

the above mentioned post :

Jason Estes Update - Karma cleanse - 27.06.2022


in a few hours we will begin the harder part of the karma cleanse this is a major opportunity for us to review our life with forgiveness and kindness and let go of deep seeded patterns that are causing critical issues within us, take this time to really reevaluate every choice you have ever made and meditate on your current goals and past outcomes while this can be difficult as we are looking at everything with a new found depth it is going to be a huge gift for those who take the time to find their own way through it and re-sync up with your body as best you can as it is a key point in this cleanse ::hugs::

"karma simply put means the misunderstanding of, so when we do something from a misunderstanding we form karma which i agree is an idea but like all things or words it is valuable till its not 😊"

Ps: P.s. the energy hit 1 hour ago should start to level out in intensity in next 3 hours then we are just going to have this for the rest of our lives so welcome to the new depth you get to master 😊 enjoy taste touch and sound at levels you never dreamed possible once you do master it

Celia Fenn - Triangulation between the Pituaitary, the Pineal and the Thymus Gland - 25.06.2022

As we enter Cancer Season and head towards the Lions Gate, there is so much happening on the Galactic levels. The Royal Star Lions have become much more active and are teaching us the "skills" of Galactic Navigation that we will need for the Lions Gate, where we will make a massive "leap" forward.

Star Navigation is an ancient skill where the Shaman, or Priestess/Priest would hold a specific consciousness to guide the Earth's path in a certain direction. At the Lions Gate we are called to hold our Consciousness at a high frequency so that we can guide the Earth into a higher frequency at her next cycle. Together we are creating a Grid of Light that will lift Consciousness on the Earth through the Gate and into the next cycle of Creation and Manifestation.

To do this we need to keep our focus in the Heart and on Love, Compassion and Peace. We cannot be distracted by any of the issues of the descending old earth which are creating anger and fear. We are needed to hold steady and help to create the big leap forward!

As we prepare for this transit, we are also experiencing the physical effects of this alignment into our role as Star Navigators. There is what Archangel Michael calls a "triangulation" going on between the Galactic Center and the Pineal and Pituitary Glands, and between the Pituitary and Pineal and the Thymus Gland (High Heart). This creates an etheric octahedron which functions in the navigation process.

This powerful process has created physical symptoms of clearing and expansion in the Head/Sinus and Ears. Especially the ears, since as you may know the "Galactic Antenna" are in the Inner Ears in a bone structure that looks like the Galactic spiral. You may be experiencing blocked ears or intense ringing in the ears, or blocked sinuses as these parts of the body are cleared and aligned.

There may also be Heart Center issues with intense feelings flooding the heart as the High Heart is activated. You may feel "all over the place" as you align as a Navigator. BUT...the idea is to be able to hold your center and hold your pattern of Peace and Love, knowing that you are holding for the Earth.

The Sirian Star Teachers taught that the Earth was like a boat, which they called the "Boat of Millions of Years" that traversed the Cosmos. The Gods/Neters were the Navigators. Now, in the New Earth, we have become the Navigators as we assume responsibility for our course!

So, this is a time to be awake and aware and to focus on holding balance so that the "boat" can move smoothly on the flow and not pitching up and down and making us dizzy!

The 3rd image here shows a triangular Tachyon pendent in deep Indigo that I was guided to wear to assist this process. It has both triangular shapes and helps to move the energy to zero point and then into the octahedron.

Have a good week end everyone!

"My Note: As mentioned in the Jason Estes update, strong cleansing energies have arrived and coming at 27-30th. I definately felt it the pre-wave, I felt so sick day after day in different parts of my body - 2 days stomach area, after 2 days head, 2 days ear pain... I even thought I might not even reach the Event before my body or me give up if this continue. I even questioned whether this is all worth it and thank you so much I refuse to take part in such an "ascension with our body" experiment again without proper "medbed" or healing technology....

Amanda Lorence - will be an energy emission from the Sun - The minor Fall and the major Lift - 25.06.2022

Please just take what resonates, and discard the rest…


There will be an emission from the Sun (see drawing below).

The first ENERGY EMISSION will be a full circular emission of ENERGY given OUTWARDS by the Sun, of ITSELF, in all directions cast, in circular design.

The second ENERGY EMISSION will be a ‘wide’ shaft (or beam) of energy directed to Mother Earth. In the way it was shown, the ‘WIDENESS’ of the Energy Shaft/Beam, depicts (as animated analogy) the ACTUAL STRENGTH of the Energy Emission. So not to focus on the physical size or shape, as it’s the actual STRENGTH of the Shaft/Beam I was being shown, that counts. This beam/shaft is of VERY PALE GOLDEN light emission from the Sun.


Immediately PRIOR to the visual I received, the following DATA was given by my morning’s “WAKE-UP” tune. Yet at the time I only knew the main one word of the song: “HALLELUJAH”. For those that don’t know I wake up singing every day for years now, and there’s always data in the song for either my own path or the collective timeline. I share when it’s a Collective Data, which this IS. The data is:

“And it goes like this.
The 4th, The 5th.
The Minor Fall.
The Major Lift”


Based on the TWO types of data received one immediately after the other, one audible, one visual, I am aware, we will receive an INCOMING ENERGY TYPE, that will affect a type of SHIFT, a ‘Minor Fall’ followed by a LIFT from 4th to 5th Dimensional OCTAVES. Whether this happens to every being, I don’t know. Date wise, I also don’t know. We will see… I only know that whatever I receive always happens, sometimes within 20 hours of receiving, or weeks, or 3 years. Etc. Where some data I have received also hasn’t happened yet, but will, when the ALIGNED COLLECTIVE TIMELINE presents. The Grand Plan is all so perfectly designed for us ALL. The beauty of God’s design and creation of this holographic ‘game’ blows my mind continuously in it’s shear BEAUTY of ALL OUR becoming.


Is what I was shown on 24 June 2022 the ‘Event Wave’? I don’t think so. But I honestly don’t know. I keep open mind always…But:

Based on vibrations, and patterns, and strength of all incoming energies so far, I know the ENERGIES STILL need to become EVEN STRONGER before an Event Wave. Our bodies are constantly adjusting to the increasing higher frequencies, and need to, to be able to withstand such an Event Wave ENERGY FREQUENCY and it’s STRENGTH. We aren’t there YET but it’s been increasing year on year, month by month, and DAY by DAY in recent months, since 2015 (when I first felt incoming energies and vibrational patterns). As many of you are aware, I will be shown physically with physical eyes, prior to ‘Event Wave’ emissions, the PALE GREEN HUE that WILL appear following a sequence of ray colours of gaseous looking emissions. And when I see the sequence, the gaseous coagulation of colours, followed by the Pale Green hue, it’s THEN I will know and share that it’s on its way. The PALE GREEN RAY is the SIGN. Please don’t send me any pics of photographed Pale Green hues around the Sun. I know we are already seeing Pale Green Ray. I connect to the Sun in increasing ENERGETIC ways now, where there’s a two way energetic and visual communication and response system in place that’s now occurring.

So just passing on as I receive. Please just discard if it doesn’t resonate for you. I do wonder why I’m getting this data right NOW though?
…All that matters is your individualised and unique journey back to your Self. That is what matters: your own clues, puzzle pieces, signs, gifts, that guide YOU and allow YOU to embody more and more of you, via YOUR own OPEN HEART.

With Love
Amanda Lorence
25 June 2022

PS: dependent on each one’s frequency, we either shall just WITNESS, AS THE OBSERVOR the ‘MINOR FALL’ around us or in others, or, we will have the experience of it, be in it…It just depends on each one’s frequency as everyone is uniquely at different frequencies

"This was the version I heard in my head. I heard Andrea Bocelli. I LOVE how the only verse I needed to receive was sung in English! So I would receive the message. (As I didn’t need to understand the rest which is in Italian which I don’t speak or understand). Soooo perfect.
it allows us to FEEL and in turn, SENSE more because the linear language is not being focused on in the mind…so so beautiful, to just FEEL and SENSE, and then immerse into the feelings…💜🙏💚
Everything, literally everything is made of vibration. So Vibration, can be heard as sounds too dependent on the frequency of a being and their audible range. Which is rising. So whatever happens or changes, or is created, is always also about vibration. As everything affects everything,"

Sandra Walter - Major acceleration begins - 25.06.2022

The major acceleration which begins in mid-July is already in the field. This weekend (June 25-29) opens a door for all willing hearts to align, prepare, and serve as physicalized conduits of a new experience.

2022 Energetic overview

First half of 2022: Core Shift within Gaia (initiated in March) to support a brand new level of Unity Consciousness.

Second Half of 2022: Accelerated Self-Realization; the Crystalline frequency intensifies for biophotonic transformation. Photonic resolution of distorted creations. Rapid dismantling of distortion at all levels.

Hearts Up: June 25 - 29 Choice Point

This may feel like moving through a vibrational membrane. If your experience has been radically different this year, you will probably feel a filter-like quality as we move through this choice-point.

Every time the Crystalline raises us to a new state of BEingness, our choice-points are refined.

Most are familiar with the choice-point experience; moments when the personal vibration either matches the New realms, or needs to level up. It allows us to refine our experience and Soul's desires for Ascension.

This is a perfect passage to reset your personal fields, DNA and trajectory for highest outcomes. Fast, cleanse, take action on what stays and what goes, and shift to Cosmic perspective. Apply Divine Neutrality as you clear your path; the Presence is active, yet compassionate.

This can be very transformative for those taking on the new realm Crystalline templates since March. The purity of Presence has no limitations. You feel the expansiveness. Apply this Infinite possibility to your journey.

Focus on the amplification of Divinity: Peace, Compassion, Divine Neutrality, Co-Creation, and the field of miracles emerging in these realms. We are becoming the open conduit for these qualities which transform realities.

Every positive, expansive action taken by a high-vibrational HUman is amplified for the collective now. Use this skill as a responsible co-creator of new realms. What is presenting to be released, reset or revealed in your personal journey? All positive actions, large or small, affect the whole.

Acceleration is imminent; Crystalline structures are holding a brand new frequency in the Ascending collective. This literally shifts realities, and dissolves distorted creations.

Steward the new Crystalline frequency flowing through the Heart Stargate. Everyone holding this exquisite new vibration has more influence on collective outcomes. Use it wisely.
I AM sending everyone Divine Grace, Wisdom and Presence for this Now. See you in the field for the SUNday Unity Meditations.

Gratitude to all who participated in the beautiful Presence event last weekend. Replays are now available, which include details on the upcoming influxes and how to use them.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Teri Wade - Simulation... - 23.06.2022

The Matrix we live in is a grid system that provides the light required to have a physical representation of consciousness in the form of a human body. The Matrix on Earth was hijacked and dominated by those controllers who control us thru frequency.

The New Matrix is allowing us to ascend in consciousness in a physical body. It’s never been done before... Again, we are the Grand Experiment! Those who have been on the Ascension path are gradually tuning into this new grid.

It’s hard for many to wrap their head around that none of this is real, this Matrix we live in is nothing but a holographic reality that we have been programmed to live in. The only real is the presence of self.

The environment we live in is composed of props it’s all illusion. We live in a simulation, a holographic projection controlled by an incredibly powerful supercomputer, shall we say, that has controlled our consciousness for eons thru frequency.

Think about it… If all we know is within this simulated physical realm that we are participating in, which may be the entire 3-D physical Universe, you would have to think that the true reality would not even remotely resemble this world.

There is a splitting of two worlds and we are right at the cusp of that so it would only make sense that this non-physical, multi dimensional world would be completely unfathomable to our third dimensional human minds.

This physical 3-D reality we live in is completely restrictive and incredibly limiting. So, what’s happening is the frequency we are existing in now is being tweaked and when you tweak that frequency just a little bit it sends out monumental, planetary change throughout all creation.

If you think about it really what we have done is incarnated on this planet in the form of a physical human body while still existing in those higher realms. We’ve just been cut off through DNA manipulation from those higher planes of existence. But, now through these higher frequencies our higher self, your soul can now return. That would be an amazing world unlike this one.

What we need to do and we’ll get there is to maintain that connection and communication to those higher realms while in this physical body. I’m going to mess with your head right now… Maybe, the physical being that’s been separated from the higher states of awareness thru the incarnation process is the true simulation?

Interesting Things - 24.06.2022

 WoW...when they even not to try to hide the truth anymore...actors-puppets

BIDEN: "We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There's going to be another pandemic."