"You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me." Morpheus - Matrix

Weekend Vibezz

If it's Friday, it's Weekend Vibezz...I'll try to keep it.

How was your week? Well, rest played a major role in mine and I'm trying to finish my cross-stitch, and the first part of my vacation report is out. 

The next part with lots of photos will come soon.

My new cross-stitch kits have finally arrived which approx. I ordered more than 2 weeks ago (thanks again the voting + 1 surprise).

The cooler and rainy weather of June and the first week of July was replaced by the heat wave. During the week and even today, the average temperature is 30+C degree and my best friend is the old but still working fan. That's how it feels to go out,

and inside I sweating on my work and on my computer´s mouse, and I even don´t talk about how does it feel to cook at this time. I'm not a big friend of the heat.

On July 11, there was an M7.1 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines,

and before that there was a 6.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of South Africa.

We can probably expect natural "disasters", whether natural or man-made.
Everything boils under the surface and there is a point when pressure breaks to the surface...be it in nature or in people. This and the coming period are very malleable, anything can happen at any time. Effects and counter-effects, be it politics, light-dark struggle, nature or our decisions in our own lives.

In spiritual circles, a date appeared again, July 15, when something big will happen, but no one knows for sure what. Well, if something is hype, it's not certain that it will come true, but since everyone is paying attention to it, it gets a lot of attention and energy, so it's the best way to manifest events, whether good or bad.

Always pay attention to where they direct your attention and therefore your energy. If your attention is "directed" to something, it doesn't mean that you have to pay attention to it, because a lot of things are distractions - illusions. Be alert, you can prepare for different events, but don't live in the future and fear, not in the past, in the missed opportunities, but in the present.

The best thing is to listen inwardly and tune in to your own "divine intelligence" and your intuitions and don't get on every hype train, because they've cried wolf so many times, we've waited for so many dates and events that didn't happen. And if the wolf is really coming, we won't believe it because of the many disappointments. We have intuitions, I'm used to it too - something big will happen - and it didn't happen - because everything is potential and even though we know x or y will happen, there are so many timelines and paths that we never know when and how it will happen or happening at all.

Regardless of spiritual or media hype, you don't have to be the hundredth monkey and follow everything - follow your own soul and your higher self. If something doesn't resonate, let it go. You will not become more spiritual if you listen to or read every single spiritual - new age - "guide". Sometimes this is the most harmful, as it takes away from you the ability to pay attention to yourself and your intuition. Sometimes less is more.

The following post is for ladies, but of course men can read it too.

As I was reading Facebook with my morning cold coffee, a news came up that according to a new study, various chemicals and heavy metals were found in tampons. The researchers looked for different substances in 30 types of tampons from 14 brands (USA, UK, Europe) and, as it turned out, whether they were normal or organic tampons, they found arsenic, mercury, lead, i.e. 16 types of metals, and did not address the various harmful and toxic substances. 

We know the cabal is poisoning us in every way be it physical, energetic and mental, just look up in the sky and you will see lots of chemtrails coming down with the rain and washing these toxic metals and substances into the ground and our water and we breathe them. Or if you go to the dentist, the free or cheapest filling is amalgam, which is an alloy of mercury with other metals and is toxic. Our body is full of heavy metals, which cause diseases and lead to long-term health damage and death. We also know that one of the Cabal's biggest plans is to reduce the earth's population and one of the products of the modern world is that, unfortunately, many women suffer from infertility, but this is unfortunately true for many men as well - seedless.

It is very good that this news has reached the mainstream media and I support that independent labs start in-depth investigations of many products and thus provide the masses with awareness of what we are actually eating, drinking, bathing and lubricate ourselves and of course reach the mass media and every social media. 

There is still a lot of work to be done to make Heaven on Earth ...

Until then, I wish you all a very good weekend and a good week ahead :)

Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy - THE GREAT EXORCISM FROM THE MIND DEMONS - 12.07.2024


In this next session we will perform the great exorcism from the mind demons
in the masculine.
This will be one of the most important sessions that we have ever performed.
This is a period of great transmutation of the Kundalini paths which correspond to all the bodies.
The old is being released so that the new can be clearly and safely established.
If a part of you still thinks that your physical experience in this lifetime
and your Soul’s journey with all its difficulties and suffering,
had nothing to do with the story of your Divine Self and your Genealogy
and you have been avoiding the inner work and therapy on your human self,
then the energies that are here,
will clearly show you via the different life events and collective developments,
that is not the case.
The Awakening and Restoration for the Divine Kundalini goes through
the human.
Each node has been holding huge amounts of beliefs, quantum information
and human emotional, physical and mental code which cannot be bypassed.
At the 888 level of the Gods and Goddesses which is the level of Dragons,
the transmutation is reaching the absolute nucleus
that it becomes even more challenging
if there is still unaddressed trauma, mental illness and distortion
and spiritual bypassing active.
At this stage for many it might feel that everything is becoming more heavy
and that energies and events come from all directions.
They only safe position from which One can deal with this fast and strong quantum movement
and work with the energies constructively,
is One's true position.
So this is another point at which many will pulled back to work on all
those inner avoided, skipped or rejected feelings and emotions
in order to take a more responsible and serious position towards the Self from within their true and organic position.
The games with and towards the self are over
because now they have become very very expensive to retain.
The price of the game of hiding
has become unbearable and the structures that were holding it,
are collapsing.
There are no mirrors left to hold it up.
Upon this collapse,
depending One’s level of inner connection,
knowing, acceptance or denial,
the experience can be smooth within the frame of self responsibility and love towards the self
but very dangerous and even lethal in the absence of a true intention and position
because the energies that are coming in are very pure and
it is the purity of the energies that makes them so powerful!
Spiritual fire is here.
We respect this fire.
We do not play with this fire.
It is a life giving fire for those pure enough in their quantum field to except it.
For those who have avoided performing the shadow work in their quantum field
and denied the necessity of pulling back to Life their falling aspects and working through them,
there is no moving forward until they do it
and they will be called to do it now.
So it is important that they know this
so that they will not fall in disappointment or anger and keep it real.
The quantum aspects hold great essences and Living information that is needed
in order for the lesson to be taken and ascension to the next stage, can take place.
Spiritual ascension is not a mind game and its fire
cannot submit to illusions and childish games of avoidance,
it is all about true Love and Wisdom
and becoming the God/Goddess Self after attending the human school of earth.
If the Higher Self wished for another school in another system,
then we would be there
we are here!
So let’s get to it and do what is organically healthy.
The I AM Rose of the Mother is here and it is bringing a faster and wholistic
Unification of the Self.
We are deep in the new path.
We left the crossroad way back, it was when the physical split began and we made a clear choice as to where we wished to head to.
Now we are in a full restorative mode,
which it was said that for those aligned,
it will become a more smooth and beautiful experience!


What a blessing that we are here at this time!
Those that have the inner call to join this work,
can message me for the details of participation.
Blessings of alignment!

Amalthea Athor
Haar Zeronia
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Yellow Galactic Warrior
I'm on Instagram as @crystal_indigo144000
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Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy - The fallen priestesses, the solar heroes and the resurrection of the solar trinity - 11.07.2024

JULY 11 2024


If you listen to people in the spiritual or astrological community analysing the story of Medusa as if she was the victim of Athena's unfair punishment because she came into sexual contact with Poseidon,
you can definitely know that they have a limited and distorted idea of the meaning of this archetype.
( in some versions beautiful Medusa appears to be raped by Poseidon while being a priestess under an oath of celibacy and in some other versions, she falls in love and willingly consummates with him).
*Also the Medusa story is connected to the poison from certain aquatic creatures that certain groups used in ceremonies of dark magic, sacrifice and death against their victims in order to paralyze them.
And as we have witnessed,
the fallen state of Medusa is connected to a certain technology that fell to the wrong hands and is still used by them to this day.
The same technology had entrapped the masculine in the inner realms.
We could generally say that Medusa is symbolising the young Godly originated and initiated Soul that has certain responsibilities and powers which she enjoys via her god given blessings and privileges
which is now ready to enter a new stage of initiation via test and further development via the unfoldment of the journey.
So suddenly and unprepared she comes in contact
with the powers of the emotional spectrum (Poseidon)
that are connected to the aquatic element and realm.
Leaving Athena who is the expression of God's mind in order to follow Poseidon who symbolises the waters of the subconscious, the unseen and the sexual waters.
A totally different realm of experience.
The contact to these emotions for a young and unprepared being that is in the process of initiation is resulting
in her losing herself in the waves of the lower spectrum of emotions.
The lower spectrum of emotions is where the abyss is and it is the most difficult part for a Soul to move through, integrate and conquer.
The first thing that an inexperienced Soul will feel at this point is that she has been abandoned all alone and unfairly punished (this is part of the fallen process).
A Soul can stay in this immature state feeling alone, angry, revengeful or like a victim for many eons and lifetimes,
looping in the same limited beliefs.
This is increasing her entrappment
without being able to find a way out.
She is
experiencing her fallen version and being
effected by all kinds of demonic entities and urges that are using her head/mind for demonic thoughts and revengeful actions.
Until one day she totally looses her head
from the hands of a Solar Hero.
Perseus comes in and under the guidance of Athena,
he cuts off Medusa's head.
This is the Solar part of creation that comes in to free the Soul because the time for the next phase has come,
Her head, a symbol of experience of the fallen state,
becomes a symbol of protection for others since her Godly qualities are still active and wisdom is important to overcome the difficulties of life.
Upon losing her crazy head/thought process,
Pegasus the winged horse,
sprang from Medusa's severed neck, fathered by Poseidon!
Pegasus is capable of flying and is immortal,
a symbol of power, freedom, grace and Ascension!
There are many different phases in the journey and lessons of the fallen priestesses/souls and Medusa is one of them.
The name Medusa / Mέδουσα
derives from the word μέδω/medo
which has many meanings:
govern, rule, protect, think of someone, count.
Medeon is the archon, the governor.
Another name that has the same root word in it is Andromeda.
The word Andromeda is made from the word ανήρ/aner which means man / andro
and the word μέδω/medo
which again
means govern, rule, protect.
When the lower emotions are left without any guidance from the higher realms it can be very misleading and overwhelming.
But that is just a stage in the overall journey.
Everything is about balance.
In this realm that we are in,
this balance is between the different realms/bodies that we are connected to.
When one overtakes the others, balance is lost.
Darkness is unethical, it has no moral boundaries or moral restraints.
It only seeks to survive and overtake by all means available and destroy whatever opposes this.
In order for One to come back to the Light, reconnection to the higher and true Solar morals and ethics is necessary.
This is why it is essential that we reclaim
again the Right to higher Beauty, aesthetics and KALLOS in everything that we are and do.
Everything is about aesthetics!
This is One's ticket back to True Life.
Ugliness of emotions, thoughts, intentions, actions and creations cannot get One anywhere but spinning in stuckness and oblivion.
Conquering the inner emotional turmoil and frustration is falsely believed by the masculine
that can take place via mental imposition and control.
The next collective lesson for the Masculine
within both men and women,
is the understanding that conquering the inner emotional turmoil,
can only happen via the Resurrection of the Solar inner Trinity!
The Medusa energy is fully activated these days and will intensfy even around the 15th of July.
Bringing great lessons and liberations from the old misunderstandings and patterns.
The mind demons will be seen and if One is willing, they will also clear under the guidance and blessings of the
Solar trinity.
This is the way out of the troubled mind and emotion.

- Coming up:
Those that have the inner call to join this work,
can email me at ourtruespiritualfamily@gmail.com for the details of participation.

The next
• 5D Healing, Surgery Adjustment and Upgrade
is on Tuesday, the 13th of August 2024
At 13:00 Athens time zone
(Suitable for eastern timezones)
Please book your place on time at ourtruespiritualfamily@gmail.com
(+ the names of 3 blood family members
to also receive healing through your process).
Blessings of Wisdom!

Amalthea Athor
Haar Zeronia
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Yellow Galactic Warrior
I'm on Instagram as @crystal_indigo144000
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Judith Kusel - huge clearing happening of the Old earth as well as the old ego self - 12.07.2024

There is a huge clearing happening of the Old earth as well as the old ego, persona self, the inner child and young adult.
All the separation, the alienation, the old hursts, misconceptions, false belief systems, false programming, etc. It will feel at times as if we are being cleaved open to the fore. It needs to happen as we cannot take the old baggage and old stuff with us, and this includes all unforgiveness of self and others, and all shame, blame and guilt.
This applies to countries as well, as boundaries will disappear, and so will all false leadership and all involved in the old paradigm.
The old earth is ceasing to exist and thus the earth upheavals. When such seeming catastrophes happen, boundaries, separation disperses. We realize we are all in this together. The heart opens and extends to all life and life forms as our natural deep love and caring for animals, plants, all creatures in, on the earth and air are now included.
We are all ascending together, and in caring and love, new communities of love and caring, are born.
We all start contributing in our own unique way to the greater whole, and for highest good of all.
Yes this process is uncomfortable, yes, it is challenging, for you, me, and everyone else, yet this is the great awakening to the truth of who and what we are in truth, as souls, and to start to fully embrace our own true angelic centers and to be love in thought, deed and action.

Photo: All credit to the artist.

A QUICK NOTE #2097 ABOUT THE SITUATION VIA GABRIEL RL "SONGS of Liberations continue to echo" - 11.07.2024

P1 calls Terrans for origin recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE/SdE!!!
Divine Ancestral Orders are being established.
Natives continue to integrating.
Solar activity is increased. Risks minimized.
Ancient Avatars seek reencounter in their own spaces.
SONGS of Liberations continue to echo.
Numbers of collaborators are increasing.
Temporarily, end of transmission.
Pleiades 1 (Supporting basic triad in activation).

Pam Gregory - Mars - Uranus - Algol conjunction & Full Moon in Capricorn

We're entering quite a strong period of astrology in the second half of this month. We have the Mars-Uranus-Algol conjunction exact on Monday and Tuesday next week, and aside from any manifestations in the outer world this can make you feel restless, edgy, wanting more freedom and to break free from any stale routines in your life. See where it falls in your chart to see how this might express. It can also create breakthroughs, awakenings, and even kundalini activation.

This then leads us into a powerful Full Moon at 29°08' Capricorn on the 21st. Not only will this be conjunct Pluto in the US chart in the 2nd house linked to the country's economy, finances, values, power structure and constitutional issues, but it will also give us a glimpse of what may unfold when transiting Pluto retrogrades to 29° Capricorn again from September 2nd to November 19th. After that it will not be in Capricorn again for another 230 years or so. It is linked to the old order, which is likely to get louder before it crumbles away.

There have already been concerns about President Biden's health with the Mars-Uranus conjunction in his 6th house of health opposing his Sun (vitality) and Mercury (communication ability, can link to the nervous system and neurological issues, as can Uranus) in the 12th house of health, but at the end of this month Solar Arc Saturn comes to conjunct his health axis (Ascendant-descendant) exactly. Saturn is connected to limitation, contraction, old age and reality checks.

We are in for an interesting few months.
More than anything, stay in peace, stillness, and even better, bliss. Just close your eyes and watch your breath. Drop your breath into your belly so it slows and deepens more. Try to do this as often as you can through your day even for a few minutes, and notice how it changes your state of being each time, shifting you from anxiety to peace.
This is the first step in mastering our state, and it is so easy for us all to do.
Many blessings to you all.

Celia Fenn - Channel from Archangel Michael - Royal Star Lions - 11.07.2024

Channel from Archangel Michael :

Dearly Beloved Friends, I share with you at this time, an entry from the “Chronicles of the Elohim Angels”, the Founders of the Golden Rose Galaxy.

“Once, when Time began, a race of Sacred Beings called the Royal Star Lions, entered the Galaxy at what is known as the Lyran Star Gate. They are the Time Engineers of the Multiverses, and they came to create the Time Spiral Grids that would allow Beings within the Galaxy to create Upward Spirals of Joy and Evolution as they travelled through Space in their journey of Becoming and Being.

For the Planet Earth, the Sacred Planet, created to be the site of Sacred energies unfolding, the Star Lions chose the Portal of the Lions Gate in the star sign of Leo to be the portal when Time could be adjusted and recalibrated as another Time Spiral commenced. For the beings living on Earth, this provided a chance to make new choices and align with intentions and possibilities.”

With the coming of New Earth and the reactivations of the original Blueprints and Templates, the original Time Template of the Royal Star Lions has been reactivated. This is based on the 8-pointed star and includes, within the Sacred Year, the Four Time Portals (8/8 on August 8th, 11/11 on 11th of November, 2/2 on 2nd of February and 5/5 on the 5th of May) as well as the two Equinoxes (March and September) and the two Solstices (June and December). As you follow this Sacred Galactic spiral “Dance of the Hours”, you spiral upwards towards the Heart of Love and Joy. You are deeply blessed as you expand with the Divine Heart.
Always Being and Becoming into Infinity.


The Grace of the Lions is knowing that you are supported in your journey through Time and Space. It is not a chaotic jumble of experience, as it may seem at times, but a sacred and purposeful movement around arcs of Time/Space that begin and end at the Lions Gate, and which is renewed and reactivated annually at a higher level of consciousness if you so desire.
Not only that, but also knowing that the purpose of life and the journey itself, is ever increasing and expanding levels of Joy and Love! Indeed, a blessing of Grace from the Divine Heart and the Royal Star Lions.

This year, the Lions Gate is an 8/8/8 energy vortex, which occurs once in a nine-year cycle on Earth. This provides an extra energy boost that enables you to take a Quantum Leap in your evolution if you so desire. Since the Eclipse in April, you have been on a rapid upward trajectory that will anchor into the new cycle at the 8/8/8.

Beloved Ones, celebrate the gifts of the Elohim and the Grace of the Royal Star Lions. Know that Joy, or the Joy principle, is the key to upward evolution into ever more Joy, Grace and Abundance.

The Love and Joy is within you, and it expands the more you focus on infusing your Time Spirals with Love and Joy in your daily life. This is one of the basic principles of the Chronicles of the Elohim Angels.

If you would like to learn more about how to access the Joy Principle and the Grace of the Lions, please join us for our 5-part webinar series for the Lions Gate. The series is led by Celia Fenn and is an immersive experience with Activations from Archangel Michael and the Royal Star Lions and other Being of Light.
Details of how to learn more and book your place in the first comment below.

Dear friends, female friends and community, this year the beautiful and inspiring Portal del Lion is a Portal 8/8/8 or triple 8. This is a powerful energy vortex and represents a Quantum Leap forward and upward.
We've been preparing for this moment since the April Eclipse.

As you may know, the Lion Portal is the beginning of the Galactic and Planetary New Year. It is when we begin a new spiral of Creation in our lives that connects to the 8 points of light in the Sacred year.

Please join us for this first 888 New Earth Portal. It will be a defining moment in which you will feel empowered to step into your Mastery and Create your new Time Spiral. You will join our community in a 5-part webinar series where you will dive into the experience of Love, Grace, Beauty and the onward and upward movement of spiritual and soul evolution.

The webinar series is led by Celia Fenn and consists of 4 one-hour webinars and a participatory 30-40 minute Ceremony 888. There will be recordings available of all meetings online, which will be available if you cannot attend in person. Recordings and course notes will be available to each participant on the webinar access page.

The online seminar series starts at 21:00, Cape Town Time (UTC+2) on Saturday, July 27, 2024

Natalia Alba - triple 888 passage - 11.07.2024

Beloved Ones,

As we approach the triple 888 passage, many of you will start receiving profound activations, transmissions from your soul and monad, and the healing codes required to activate your DNA and monadic twin flame, within yourself. We are now reaching the peak of all we have been healing, retrieving this eighth universal year, revealing more of who we are, and our personal mission.

Numbers are often the language in which God expresses Herself. Behind numbers are letters and light codes that give instructions to our DNA, and coordinates that activate our time codes, allowing our consciousness to travel through time and space.

This activation is now taking place in many of us, for it is time for us to reconnect to the many timelines in which we dwell. The 888 passage represents a planetary opening guarded by the White Elohim in our earth's fabrics of time and space, gradually reconnecting the lost connection with other dimensions.

The Emerald retrieval that we are undergoing, is a process that was already initiated many years ago by Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and that is now finally being concluded. They were genetic equals, descendants from the future 8D timelines, and hence timekeepers, and templar workers, for Jesus's 12th tribe were more than what we have been told. Both hold a unique and unified essene template with the light codes required to achieve this work.

Both experienced ascension while they were physical beings, which is what the triple number 8 also signifies, from an individual perspective, the transcendence of a physical body and human consciousness and embodiment of our Divine One.

Many of you are now embodying your twin flame, through polarity integration, awakening to your mission, and reuniting with those who are meant to help you bring this same planetary healing. Many of you have come in tribes, and others will act more solitary, all is orchestrated divinely for the whole to evolve, our mission is not to want this or that but to accept God's Will and fulfill our unique purpose within Creation. This does not mean we do not have desires, but our desires now do not come from the ego but from our purest soul desire to assist All.

We are reaching the end of a cycle, one of soul and monadic reconnection that will conclude next year, for it is nine years the period, and effort, it takes to restore the many manipulated grids in our planet, retrieving connection to the Illumined Planes and concluding a cycle. This is why it is so important to reconnect ourselves, through DNA strands to our soul, and monad, for we are now receiving eight-dimensional frequencies that help us communicate with this inner work of self-reconnection, transcendence, and illumination.

Numbers 888 represents the connection to the 8th-dimensional timelines, to our equal genetically, for it is when we initiate ourselves in the monadic dimensions that we start merging with our equal, whether incarnated or not. It is in the eighth dimension where our soul records reside, and all the information we need to remember about who we are, our galactic heritage, and what we need to heal to embody our mission.

There will be many of you with Orion lineage now healing galactic wars, restoring the trauma at a monadic level, as even though now evolved, Orion experienced deep polarization, as well as many other beings within Creation who are evolving, exactly as we are now. All the memories from the eight dimensions you have experienced, whether as an Orion, Sirian, or any other civilization, are not being retrieved for you to embrace its lessons, and knowledge and let go of painful memories through soul retrieval.

The triple 888 passage offers us the codes for us to activate our multidimensionality, as we are all multidimensional beings, but when we were born into this earth plane, we were literally unplugged in our DNA from our ability to connect to other dimensions.

When we activate our multidimensionality, in our second DNA strand, responsible for time, space, and linearity, we start moving our consciousness outside of our time-space, reconnecting further DNA strands and moving into a new level of awareness. It is then that we can remember the infinite of our existence, memories, and wisdom.

This passage is for us to tune into a new timeline. Each of you will experience a unique activation, even though planetarily speaking we are undergoing an Emerald retrieval, expanding heart, consciousness, and healing polarities, you all have your own micro cycles and experiences to live.

You will receive the initiation that you need for this time and you are ready to integrate. Numbers, signs from your Guides in the form they send to you, and your own Unified Self, will inform you of where you are, and what you uniquely need to activate.

Pay attention to numbers, especially at this time, as when the soul awakes, it starts seeing numbers because it starts connecting to the wisdom of the Universe, which is based on numbers, geometry, and dimensions. Numbers that activate consciousness and your unique template, leading you, through synchronicity, to what you are meant to experience next, for now you no longer are governed by outer forces, but by your inner Divine ones.

Each of you has unique galactic, soul memories to address, heal, clear, and remove from your DNA. All of us have DNA anomalies to heal that are unique to our personal experiences on this and many other dimensions, and only you know what this passage means for you.

As Guides repeatedly say, trust that you know who you are, and that your soul is guiding you towards what is best for you to experience, activate, heal, and expand, at this time.

As I always say, God does not repeat Herself. Why would you want to be like someone else? You are a precious God's creation with abilities no one else has, and do, in the way you do it. You will be guided to what you need to work with, to activate your gifts and be of service, in your unique way.

Do not take away from us the unique gift you bring to this Earth by wanting to be someone else.
Embrace who you are, and release the gift of your Presence to the world, beloveds.

Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Art: Andrew Gonzalez

Benjamin Fulford Weekly (Full) Report - 08.07.2024

Stealing elections and installing a fake king does not change reality

You can read the full report here: