"You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me." Morpheus - Matrix

Weekend Vibezz

 Another week has passed and here we are at the gate of 12:12, which is also my birthday. There won't be an update for a few days next week, because I'm traveling home to Hungary and spending a few days there with my family. 

Since I don't travel "home" often, there is always something new to see or change in the city. Unfortunately, what remains unchanged are the traffic jams at peak hours and the large number of people shopping. As it is the Advent season, the small Christmas markets are open and in the evenings the town square is lit up with Christmas lights, the town's Christmas tree is decorated, and every year the Nativity scene is also made.


This week's theme is "everything was better in the old days" and "quality versus quantity".

Many of us heard from our parents and grandparents the phrase that everything was better in the old days. I do agree on a few things when I look back on my childhood, but it is worth mentioning that time tends to make things more beautiful. 

As children of the 80s and 90s, we had a childhood because we were not prisoners of technology and social media. At that time, we children played and talked outside a lot under the blue unstriped sky, sometimes we were outside until the evening, until our mother shouted that "it's time to come in - dinner". In the winter, we visited each other, or went sledding when there was a lot of snow.

We even made handwritten or typewritten letters and birthday party invitations to each other, and the "memory book" was a big trend at school. We made friends in real life, and whatever crazy things we did, there was no digital footprint of it. 

On weekends, we went to the videocassette rental store and borrowed a movie or a cartoon that we watched together with the family.

Our former primary school was the first to buy computers and teach basic IT. At that time, the browser was still the Netscape navigator and there were not many sites that we could visit, especially not in Hungarian. The floppy disk was considered cool at the time and so was the videocassette. Accessing the Internet on the home computer was a very lengthy procedure - dial-up - downloading a few Mbits was a matter of hours - if the connection was not interrupted.

We got our first mobile phone in middle school, it was about the size and weight of half a brick compared to the ones we have now. We could only call, text or play with it. 

At that time, CDs and CD players became more widely available (not in horror price) computers, games and Internet access (the first Hungarian social media) became widespread, and technology began to ensnare us more and more and today we almost live on the internet and technologies. 

We already put a mobile phone in the hands of a small child, they brought up on TV and YouTube, we publish a million pictures of them to acquaintances and strangers at the same time and we share almost everything with the public.

Most people would not be able to exist without their mobile phone, they eat, bathe, wc, sleep, drive, etc. with it. There is no more depressing sight than when we go to a restaurant or on vacation and families, friends and couples spend time together staring at their phones. They are sitting there in each other's company and fiddling with their phones between some small conversation. In fact, we are viewing reality through a screen that may not even be real.

We have become a consumer society. We consume everything, be it food, drink, friendship, love.

We were taught to take care of our things, especially if you grew up in a poor family. But those things were somehow durable. At that time, quality was more important than quantity. Today, this situation has changed a lot. E.g. our old boiler, which is 30+ years old and still worked till today. But we can talk about old mobile phones, washing machines, PCs, etc.

These new technologies kind of break down after a few years because they are mass produced just to make a profit and the massive advertising encourages you to buy newer and newer versions, often even if you don't want to, as the company simply cuts off support for the old product. And as this new quantitative age has become, humanity is beginning to become one as well. Something broken - we replace it, something outdated - we buy a new one. and unfortunately this mentality crept into our relationships as well. Broken relationship, family or friendship - let's break up, why would we put in the work to make it work, it was toxic anyway (the new trend), we will get new anyway. 

Let's consume, buy, everything, because it makes us "happy". The reality is, no, you won't really be satisfied with it - just for a while. As long as we hide from ourselves and don´t work on ourselves and our relationships, we can chase or buy happiness for minutes, then we will not be truly happy and we will not be free.

A QUICK NOTE #2047 ABOUT THE SITUATION VIA GABRIEL RL "Solar synchronizations underway" - 07.12.2023

P1 calling Terrans for origin recognition! Attention for PVSE/SdE calls!
Divine ruins are unveiled.
Special collections are found and released for ascension.
Old mathematicians now returning.
New galactic directions activated.
Solar synchronizations underway.
Attention Terrans! New waves activate Basic Triad.
Attention *Hatonn supporters! Projectors pointed and supported. Reverb at 96% (not countdown).
Metatronic Ascension Waves reverb at 98% (not countdown).
GRL DesAut + Temp Pre! (-2+) +++: 23°20'35.38"N 85°18'33.85"E / 28°38'08.74"N 77°13'28.02"E: 74% (not countdown).
*MP+ adjustment in progress. 94% (not countdown).
*MP+ reverb in progress. 93% (not countdown).
Temporarily, end of transmission.
Pleiades 1 (Supporting Basic Triad in Activation).

A QUICK NOTE #2046 ABOUT THE SITUATION VIA GABRIEL RL "Solar projections are spreading" - 06.12.2023

P1 calling Terrans for origin recognition! Attention for PVSE/SdE calls!
Star alignments open.
Solar projections are spreading.
Crossing of 3 kingdoms underway.
Order flowering begun.
Terrans restructure paths.
Tectonic relocations begin X+++.
Consciousness expanded into multi-frames. 100% ++- (not countdown).
*DESTEMPO Protocol (16h00 to 14h12) started. Harmonizations happen: 96% (not countdown).
Attention *Hatonn Supporters! Projectors pointed! Support at 94% (not countdown).
Temporarily, end of transmission.
Pleiades 1 (Supporting Basic Triad in Activation).

A QUICK NOTE #2045 ABOUT THE SITUATION VIA GABRIEL RL "Break-ups of old ancestral patterns are in progress" - 05.12.2023

P1 calling Terrans for origin recognition! Attention for PVSE/SdE calls!
Break-ups of old ancestral patterns are in progress.
Greater freedoms are still being reached.
Ashtar(s) reignite previously deactivated portals.
Solar sparks open up divine prosperity!
Galactic sophistication is inspired!
Re-significations are underway.
Portal 2020 being opened. Appropriate separations started. T3/T4/T5 >>> 100% (not countdown).
Attention, The Romanian Line! Projector Support for Enlightenment at 98% (not countdown).
The Romanian Line: Line enlightenment in progress: 98% (not countdown). The Light Celebrates!
Temporarily, end of transmission.
Pleiades 1 (Supporting Basic Triad in Activation).

A QUICK NOTE #2044 ABOUT THE SITUATION VIA GABRIEL RL "Solaris are kept bathe the Terran environment" - 26.11.2023

P1 calling Terrans for origin recognition! Attention for PVSE/SdE calls!
Mystical forces are kept reintegrated!
Solaris are kept bathe the Terran environment.
Regulus portals open!
Cassiopeia portals open!
Neva+R+++: 14th Akashic Projector pointing towards support evaluation. 49% (not countdown). Next >>>15. Forecast of 19. +++ AUTHORIZED. JEBLESSINGS.
Sacred Fire keeps burning the necessary for liberations.
Attention, The *Star Bearers Line! Projector Support for Enlightenment at 92% (not countdown).
The *Star Bearers Line: Line Enlightenment at 96% (not countdown). The Light Celebrates!
Transfers to *Khalthart are approved. 2nd wave at 91% (not countdown).
Unconscious releases started: 2/3 SPECIFIC LAYER >>>> 92% (not countdown).
Umbraline are retained.
Temporarily, end of transmission.
Pleiades 1 (Supporting Integrations and Projectors for Hi-HumanS+D1).

A QUICK NOTE #2043 ABOUT THE SITUATION VIA GABRIEL RL "Negative Rituals are deactivated in multiple environments" - 25.11.2023

P1 calling Terrans for origin recognition! Attention for PVSE/SdE calls!
Calls for patient integrations in progress.
Knights of the Order keep approaching.
Resilient avatars are still undergoing in divine upgrades.
Afflictions keep diminishing as Major Sun keep approaching.
Divine Returns are immediately planned.
Inner Force is increased as MOMENTUM approaches.
Negative Rituals are deactivated in multiple environments.
*21+++++++ Approved and intensified in transcendental crossover and negative Neutron >> SUPPORT at 97% (not countdown).
*21+++++++ Approved and intensified in transcendental crossover and negative Neutron. >> REVERB at 99% (not countdown).
Temporarily, end of transmission.
Pleiades 1 (Supporting Integrations and Projectors for Hi-HumanS+D1).

A QUICK NOTE #2042 ABOUT THE SITUATION VIA GABRIEL RL "New celestial rules for framing come into force" - 24.11.2023

P1 calling Terrans for origin recognition! Attention to PVSE/SdE calls!
Time distenders are applied.
New celestial rules for framing come into force.
Divine paths keep to be taken.
Ascended continue to return.
Mystics zones keep spreading.
Inner dwellers begin their exits to interactions.
*Hi-HumanS+D1 Eleven guardian integration in progress >>> 56% (not countdown).
Projectors for *Hi-HumanS+D1 Integrations pointed and intensified >>>> reverb at 59% (not regressive).
Hi-HumanS Support+++ Eleven QuanTUN +++ General ++++++++ >>>>>>>>> Exceptional progress >>>> 99% (not countdown).
Divine Rhythms remain intense.
Temporarily, end of transmission.
Pleiades 1 (Supporting Integrations and Projectors for Hi-HumanS+D1).

Natalia Alba - 2024 ~ 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗬𝗲𝗮𝗿 𝗼𝗳 𝗠𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗰 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗴𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 & 𝗠𝘂𝗹𝘁𝗶𝗽𝗹𝗶𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻

Beloved Ones,

As we gradually move into this New Year 2024, we get closer to the Aquarian Age, which actually starts around 2400 CE (Common Era or Anno Domini). However, we are already seeding what will become an Era of harmony and rehabilitation of old values. A New harmonic frequency that is represented by Pluto moving into Aquarius, and many other events outside of our planetary confines that are marking the end of an Era.

Our new destination is within, as Guides share many times, for it is our chosen frequency the one that determines where we are going, and what we see on the outside. There is no destination to be reached, for all is already within us. We just need to shift our focus inwardly.
2024 is the year of Monadic integration, which as you know comprehends from the seventh dimension to the ninth one, as I previously shared, although as we step into this new year, Guides expand into the essence of 2024, sharing this will be too the year of multiplication which is the result of embodying the monad and moving into more illumined dimensions.

As you know, 2023 has been the year in which many have moved into the soul levels, opening their fifth-dimensional body portal, or fifth chakra, which is connected to the fifth-dimensional aspect of us, and starting to move forward, into the sixth-dimensional levels.

During 2024, we are now heading into the embodiment of the Monad, healing and opening our eight chakra, its corresponding eight DNA strand, and thymus, also called the Higher Heart, as the physical part of our body that connects to the monad. The blue color of our fifth-dimensional portal, together with the golden one would be the spectrum that we will be working with, to bring this activation to fruition. Although it will shift to crystalline white, as we continue evolving into higher dimensions.

Many are ready to continue embodying higher aspects of themselves, and it is precisely when we move into the Monad, that we can descend more light, wisdom, and power, multiplying that which we previously expanded. It can be abundance, more love, peace, or anything else we need for ourselves or reality, for God's Light sustains and expands all if we are aligned to it, and allow it to work through us.

A process that is too represented by the number eight, the universal frequency of this year 2024, that emphasizes the abundance of love, and assistance, that our planet is receiving, and that we too are descending from it, as the more spiritual life force received, the more consciousness to expand into higher illumined dimensions.

Multiplication is the process of conscious replication, by which we allow our God Self to act through us, replicating in our physical reality, what sustains us and All. Guides shared the metaphor of our beloved Jesus to explain what they mean by multiplication.

Jesus in one of the biblical texts was precisely multiplying the fishes, five breads, and wine. Notice too the importance of number five, for it is from the stabilization of this number that we start multiplying.

What Jesus did was to align with his God Self, allowing God's Light to multiply the sustenance required to feed everyone. This is a symbolic metaphor of what occurs when we allow our Unified Self to act through us - creation, expansion, and multiplication.

Multiplication is an alchemical process for it is when we first open to the soul, embody the monad, and move into the God Self, healing all distortions, that we finally are ready to step into this process. This is where we are gradually heading, into the perfection of who we truly are, as divine beings.

This is what truly means to embody Christos Consciousness, for one thing, is talking about the process and another doing the daily inner work to truly be devoted to integrating it.

This is where many ascending souls, who do their daily practices and have a loving heart towards All beings and living forms of consciousness, are achieving, for we have finally, despite all the tactics not to, moved into a more unified state of being.

May you continue moving towards the Light, growing in love, wisdom, and power.
I wish you a blessed 2024, filled with infinite love, abundance, and joy, Beloved Ones.
Thank you for your love, and assistance to All one more year.
Always a gift to share this conscious path with all of you.

Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Art by: Encoded Frequency
source - facebook

Judith Kusel - Releasing of patterns of pain and suffering - 08.12.2023

In the last few months I have been guided to every single morning when I do my cleansing and clearing meditations with the White Flame, which purifies in the highest degrees, to ASK for the releasing of all patterns of pain and suffering – not only from this lifetime but also from all before and all of humanity.

This is very important now, as the great collapse of the Old Earth and Old Orders are now happening in accelerated degrees and the ascension process is accelerated.

I was asked to do a meditation with a local Angel Group, and here I did the great cleansing and clearing work with Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel and everyone afterwards came to me and thanked me for this. I am merely mentioning this, because most people are not aware of how deep and profound this shift is. You may think that you have done all the releasing and forgiveness work, but note that you are not only releasing billions of earth years of negative patterns created with other souls, but you are also dealing with your ancestral lineages clearing and indeed that of all of humanity. As you heal, you heal others. As you shift, others shift as well. All is one.

What most people also struggle with forgiveness in the deepest sense. It is easy to pay lip service to forgiveness as taught in some religions, but as long as the emotional charges are still there and anger, bitterness, hatred, pain still exist, then you are not freed nor healed nor they. True forgiveness extends into Loving Grace, which totally dissolves the emotional charges, as the heart opens, and you can finally see for sure, how the soul (who was challenging you the most) SERVED your soul, and this dissolves the emotional charges, plus brings your right and left brain hemispheres into balance and harmony again, and thus now tears of gratitude flow. You are freed forever, and they are freed. As long as you have buttons getting pushed, you are carrying emotional charges. If you had no buttons left, you would not be reacting!

For example: Interestingly this morning this came up so strongly for me in father healing. I truly thought I had forgiven my father, who had Alzheimer in his last years, which is a withdrawal from life. It was triggered by photos and a video shared by my engineering brother, of the 100th anniversary celebration of a church my grandfather, who was the architect and builder of the self-same. My grandmother had gifted my engineering brother with my grandfather's tools. He now had donated them to the church for the 100 year anniversary.

It is here that the most emotional charges later lay with regards to my father and his family. I will not go into details, but suddenly my father stood before me. And I saw him in his soul form, which always is pure and filled with so much love. In that moment, I saw in this lifetime, a broken man, a man who was forced to become what family members wanted him to become, and subsequently never could truly express himself in doing what he loved doing, and living his own truth. Yet, his true soul self always came out when he sat at the church organ and started playing music. He taught himself to play the organ when he was twelve. This is where his soul could express itself in the most and profoundly beautiful ways, and in ways I will never forget.

It was this morning that I could not only forgive and let go in the deepest ways, as with the father healings also came the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine healing, not only for me, but also for my whole family and the whole ancestral lineages, for what had happened to my father, had happened to my grandfather before him. Both men could never follow their highest calling and their highest soul purpose because of land ownership and family obligation and false expectations of the society then.

I am sharing this, because we truly never know what a person’s, no matter who they are, true history is, and what made them the way they are. It is so easy to judge, to carry grudges and unforgiveness of self and others around lifetime after lifetime, and then throughout life, (I know this to be true in families I have dealt with and it comes through in my Soul Readings) and then what happens, the ancestral lines get clogged up too. Negative patterns between souls repeated themselves overvlifetimes. Add to this that all trauma and pain, gets stuck in the earth, and in homes and buildings etc.

Once true forgiveness comes, there is such inner joy, and peace, and one is truly lit up from within. One is a state of equilibrium, balance and harmony and there is only Love. Unconditional love. “Thank you! I love you!”

I have done so much energy work not only here where I am but in France, Greece, Egypt, where I had to release stuck souls, and all the atrocities humankind ever miscreated, like half-man/half-beast, and robots, which turned against them, and wars, and genocide, that I know how we polluted Mother Earth, apart from even destroying landmasses like what happened in Atlantis.

All of this is now being churned up, so that we can finally be freed and Mother Earth. We cannot fully ascend into the New Earth, without all being released, disintegrating and being let go of. The more we free ourselves through true loving grace and forgiveness, cleansing and clearing of ourselves and healing the trauma and pain and woundedness even into the bowls of earth, the brighter and lighter we become.

For as you heal, humanity heals.
As you ascend, humanity ascends.
For as one changes, everything changes.

The freer one becomes, the more one is focused on the New Earth and the new creation and what you truly wish to co-create in the here and now in the most loving way, in the highest and best ways for all concerned.

For indeed, within you lie the seeds of the New Golden Age which are there wishing to germinate into form and being.

In truth your soul is very pure, and loving and true, and it is time to live your truth and complete mission. All of life always will lead you back to yourself, and indeed you are all life and life forms on earth and beyond for All is One.

Judith Kusel
source - facebook