"You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me." Morpheus - Matrix

Soul Family Workshop by Cobra, Notes Part 2

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This blogpost contains part 2 (of 4) of notes made during the Soul Family Workshop given by by Cobra in Budapest on 16 & 17 March 2019. The production of these notes was a co-creative effort of Hanneke van Ginkel, Michel van de Ven and Jacqueline van Rijswijk. 

Disclaimer: These notes are written as if Cobra was speaking. This is not what he said word for word, but paraphrasing what he said. It is our interpretation.

These notes have been reviewed and approved by Cobra on 4 April 2019. The notes have been updated according to his wishes.


Soul Perspective

The interconnected hologram of Twin Souls, Soul Mates and Soul Family is a fabric of light in the whole universe connecting all of civilisation in all Galaxies to the One. Every planet is part of this Cosmic Light Grid. Part of the Divine Plan for Earth is to manifest this Soul Family Mandala in Islands of Light (IOL) on the surface of the planet. The most awakened people are now starting to connect to this Cosmic Light Grid by activation of their Lightbody, which is one of our most essential tasks now. The Cosmic Central Race is guiding this process.

The activation of your Lightbody would be a two-day workshop in itself, but Cobra will give a quick explanation of this process. When your Soul enters your body and activates your energy fields integrating all your bodies completely, your Lightbody is being activated. This starts ascension and you will be able to transcend space and time. Your Lightbody will become your spaceship.

Until that time, we need to anchor more and more light here to permeate our body for this event. All that increasing amount of light in your body creates a toroidal vortex of energy around and through you. That toroidal vortex creates a field of Light connected to the Earth’s energy grid and to Source. This is your Kundalini, your life force.

When you remove and deactivate Matrix programmes your Kundalini comes online. This life force energy will rise up your spine and start to activate your Lightbody. You then become a crack in The Matrix: you become a catalyst for evolution. You perceive your connection with people in another way and will connect with them from a Soul perspective. You will see from a higher purpose and get a higher perspective on every interaction you have. This is part of the plan, the liberation of earth. As you step on that path, you will receive inner guidance what to do and where to go. This will increase over time and activate your Lightbody more and more.

Truth and Integrity

The basic principle for and during this process is to be yourself. But The Matrix programs you to wear a mask and hide yourself, your emotions, your feelings, to hide everything. Get rid of the mask! Remove it from your Energy Field, from your actions, thoughts and emotions. Masks create conflicts because you withhold your truth and hide your True Self. Do not withhold your truth. Be yourself in EVERY aspect of your being. This is the main point Soul Families act upon. Speak your truth to the ones who are ready for this. Always BE HONEST. If in a particular moment you cannot be honest point-blank, say “I cannot say it at this moment”. Do not use lies to manifest what you want because you will attract more lies. You will discover different reactions from The Matrix. New relationships will be entered with no mask. This is the only way to align with your Higher Purpose.

As you discover and become yourself, you will learn you are different than you think you are. To be you is priority number 1.

Your reality and environment will adjust to you and to your purpose.
People who are not positive, and anything that is not aligned with your higher purpose, will fall away from you.
You will attract people with the same vibration.
And you start to manifest more of what you want into reality. This is your personal manifestation process.

From the mediation on 21 January 2019 (21/1) the Dark Forces can no longer completely influence and block our manifestation process. It is much easier to manifest what we want now. 

Love and Sexuality

Polarity splits

There are several layers of programming. The first layer is a split within our inner selves in order to separate us from Source. This is done through two implants in the top of the head.

The second layer splits the male and female energies. This was done in the times of Atlantis and achieved through electromagnetic energy fields, etheric crystal implants and the creation of different psychological realities for males and females. Understanding each other is hard. This implant is located three fingers above the navel and blocks the flow of sexual energy between the 2nd (sacral) and 4th (heart) chakra.
Females have programme A and males have programme B:

Programme A: Heart is good, sex is bad. Women are allowed to feel all emotions all the time. They are not allowed to feel their sexual energy. Their sexual energy has been suppressed for thousands of years. It was, and in some places still is, very dangerous for women to feel or express their sexual energy. If they did/do, they were/are raped and killed, etc. 

Programme B: Heart is bad, sex is good. Men are not allowed to feel emotions or cry. It was very dangerous to express this for them, they would, and sometimes still will, run into trouble and problems if they do so. However they are allowed to have as much sex as they want.

In the end, this has created two totally different species with two totally separate realities. This started to change in the 1960s. The first phase of the feminism movement was positive, it gave women a certain degree of financial freedom. Only women who have liberated themselves in that way, can liberate their sexual energy. This is because the current systems (e.g. central banking system, stock markets, governments, etc..) can only function through suppression of female sexual energy, creating an imbalance in the Male Sexual Energy and distorting the normal merging of the feminine and masculine energies into a toroidal energy field. Men then either go to war or into business. This has created the negative cycle in the banking structure. Female sexual liberation puts down these systems. When the female sexual energy is liberated, the liberation of the financial system will follow soon after.

The KEY to solving this negative cycle is to integrate both perspectives: female and male. The goal is for women to feel their sexual energy and connect it with their heart energy. The goal for men is to feel their heart energy and connect it with their sexual energy. When this blockage in the flow of sexual energy is removed, the male and female energy come together. Not many have experienced this yet. It is very beautiful, the Pleiadians know this very well. Soul Family connections can only function when these blockages are removed. The Pleiadians are now introducing this energy to the Soul Family connections first; others will be connected after that. 

Q & A

A: Released Kundalini can be blocked again, if you allow The Matrix to.

A: The Cabal is unable to make meaningful connections because they are too traumatized.

A: If you allow sexual energy to express itself, it will transform at and to a certain point.

Q: What is the relationship between pedophilia and Sexual Energy?
A: Pedophilia equals child abuse. It is the most distorted form of Sexual Energy, due to a very hurt inner child (the Sexual Energy has to express itself somehow but because of severe childhood trauma, it cannot be expressed in a healthy way).

Q: When the physical body dies, how can I avoid to become a victim of the archon Soul Trap?
A: If you are on the Light path and stay connected to and aligned with your Inner/Higher Self, you will bypass the Soul Trap. You will then not be captured and reincarnate according to the archon agenda.

Q: What is it when I hear an inner voice of guilt?
A: If guilt stays, it is a programme. It subsides when you become conscious of it.

Q: What is the difference between the Higher Self and Oversoul?
A: They are expressions of the same thing.

Male & Female Split Programme

In the times of Atlantis there were totally different and opposing programmes for females and males. These aspects were transferred from generation to generation.

- Female aspect:
The female implant programme allows women to have a sexual connection only and exclusively with their Twin Soul but not with e.g. Soul Brothers and Sisters. This makes women search for the perfect husband, want to marry and stay married forever. But they are not aware of the programme. The mass media exploits this programming of women. The Disney illuminati family, among others, has set up a whole section of programming through movies for audiences starting from a very young age. Their purpose towards women is to look for their Twin Soul in a distorted way. The approach is to catch a man, control him and keep him in a cage. However even if the man is perfect, he will always need to be free (meaning: having the possibility to have sex with more than just one woman). In this way, the archons managed to create a perfect spy system: women checking on their husbands through jealousy, possessiveness and other programmes.

- Male aspect:
In the male programming the men are not allowed to feel the presence of or know about their Twin Soul. They may feel all kinds of connections and are allowed to have all kinds of meaningless relationships but not with the Twin Soul. The result is a perfect disconnection deep in their subconscious.

The main programme is monogamy. The key for men and women for liberating themselves from this programme is to strive to connect their heart with their sexual energy and vice versa. Men need to become aware of their Twin Soul connection whereas women need to allow themselves to have more connections. Keep in mind that there is a difference between having a committed connection versus an exclusive connection. In a committed connection the partners let each other free. They choose consciously to not make other connections. They do not feel they are each other’s property. About 10% of the awakened surface population has reached this level of committed connection.

In an exclusive connection women control the life force of men through biological exclusivity. This unhealthy way of connecting between men and women is the only way to control human DNA and was imported from the Orion star system to Atlantis 25000 years ago. We have been in this patriarchal system forever since. When you control a society on DNA level you have a perfect controlling human slave system.

If you control the sexual energy of your partner, you are under programming of The Matrix. Putting a psychological fence around your partner is acting out of Matrix programming. An extreme example is found in the Middle East where women are still property of men.

If you bond through love and let the other person free, there is a spirit or soul connection. That is healthy and okay. 

Soul Connection

The New Cosmic energies pouring in now are transmuting this. People will start to connect because they want to, not because they have to, and they may want to stay with someone, but do not have to stay with them forever. There will be no more mental constructs of The Matrix controlling you: these will be dissolved. There will be more and more relationships based on Soul connections.

Kundalini and unblocking female sexual energy

Kundalini is your primary life force. It has been heavily programmed and suppressed. 

This life force has pure feminine and pure masculine aspects.
Pure feminine energy is pure receptivity. Pure masculine energy is pure action. Pure action attracts pure receptivity. The interaction between these energies create a Samadhi experience and Crown Chakra activation, thus creating a toroidal field leading to Ascension.

Connection between soul mates is the fastest connection to create a Samadhi experience.

When the masculine energy of action gets distorted, men become angry and think they know everything/they are always right. When the feminine energy of receptivity gets blocked, women become overly critical. When The Matrix then further blocks the masculine energy, men become pleasers of everybody. Further blocking of the feminine energy results in women controlling everybody. Thus, further blocking by The Matrix reverses the polarity. This it the ultimate goal of the archons: create pleasing men and controlling women. The mass media program it this way and protect it.

The Matrix structure is thus based on suppressing the female sexual energy. Our goal is to unblock and liberate the female energy. The first step to achieve this, is for women to feel, explore and experience their sexual energy by themselves, on their own/alone. Then their energy field changes, their Kundalini - the snake in the spine - activates and this disrupts and cracks The Matrix. Bits of this were explained in Cobra’s blogpost about the Yellow Vest Movement. The manifestations in Paris led to a crack in The Matrix.

From 8 to 11 November 2018, exactly 225 years after the activation of Goddess of Reason, certain Goddess Priestesses of the Resistance Movement came to the surface in Paris and did a special planetary Kundalini activation and created a crack in The Matrix: this activation served as a trigger for planetary kundalini awakening where people will finally rise up against the oppression of the dark forces. One aspect of this planetary kundalini activation was for women to start reclaiming their sexual energy and expressing the beauty of their bodies. The women who were running around naked in Paris in November were actually undoing The Matrix (unconsciously). Since November 11th, 2018, the Paris Goddess vortex is continuously triggering kundalini activation in all human beings on the surface of the planet. This is the occult reason for the success of the Yellow Vests movement, which is a grassroots movement against all oppression. 

Misconceptions of Sexual Energy

The Matrix has created many different belief systems and misconceptions of Sexual Energy. Sexual energy is just an energy force which flows: energy is nothing else than emotion in flow. It might be physical, but it does not have to be. It is a misconception that sexual energy is only physical and switched on or off like a 0 or 1. When all programming is dissolved and all blockages are removed, sexual energy will flow. This will be the next level when there will be many Kundalini/Samadhi experiences. At a certain point the Pleiadians want to guide us on this next level.

The purpose of the most awakened women on the planet is to work with this sexual energy first, to liberate themselves. They will be the ones who will change the energy structure which will then liberate the planet.

The suppression of masculine energy is a consequence of the suppression of feminine energy. The current basic active Matrix programme is: good or bad girl/nice or naughty. Women have been programmed to hide their sexuality and everyone asks: what does she want? It is the highest purpose of the most awakened women to get in touch with themselves and heal. This is (part of) Cobra’s mission. It will heal this world and is key to creating the New World. 

Q & A

A: Kundalini yoga influences the Light Grid positively, but it is not as effective as the liberation of female sexual energy.

A: Kundalini awakening activates the Lightbody.

A: Practicing cosmic Cobra breath (NOT directly related to the person giving this workshop) activates Kundalini in a very fast way and accelerates your individual Ascension path. See for more information: https://ipsalutantra.org/practices 

A: If you attract angry and controlling men (the first layer of programming), you need to liberate yourself more as a woman.

A: Putin protects the Light on a high level. As to Trump: it depends on the mood he is in.

A: The 21st of March will open an energy portal but do not expect much of it.

A: The primary implants at the top of the head and above the navel are the hardest to clear because the programmes inside the implants are renewed regularly by The Matrix.

Q: How can we protect ourselves against 5G?
A: The Pleiadians are developing counter technology which is expected to be available within a year.

Return of the Goddess

The pure feminine principle or energy is pure receptivity. It equals unconditional love. This is the energy needed to heal humanity. It is of primary importance to bring back this energy to the planet and connect to it as much as possible. The pure feminine energy is the mirror of creation. 

It is this energy that will make the Contact Dish project possible and attract the Event. It is like an energy lake: if it is still and peaceful enough, then the Event can be activated. Every being connected to this energy fills up the lake. The change and the Event are created by the energetic presence of the Divine Feminine Energy.

We are reviving the Goddess Mysteries to bring these energies back to the planet. We will start to form groups to anchor this energy. The original purpose of the Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) groups was to preserve and anchor the Goddess Mysteries.

At the moment there are around 150 SotR groups active on the planet meeting each other weekly to anchor the Goddess energies.

[Cobra then invited members of the audience upon the stage who would be committed to start a SotR group in her/his area and organize weekly SotR meetings to anchor the Goddess energies. Next, Cobra performed a ceremony to initiate a large group of new leading members of SotR groups on the planet.]

SotR groups are the main way of anchoring the Goddess energies on the planet. Closer to the Event more and more groups will be active and go into deeper aspects of the Goddess Mysteries, yet to be revealed. Many Goddess vortex points on the planet will be activated then. The most awakened women will become Priestesses and consciously anchor the Goddess Energies to lead the surface population to freedom.

Meditation to connect to and manifest your Twin Soul, Soul Mates and Soul Family on Earth and into your life

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